Spellbound reboot.

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Spellbound reboot.

Post by Spraydough » Tue Jul 11, 2017 8:18 pm


There is a reboot of the first Windimation Magic Knight game, Spellbound in development, and pretty soon, we are gonna need testers........

Those of you who have been around these parts a fair while, will know that, since 2012 I've been working on a Spellbound reboot with Saul Cross and, since 2014, David Jones.

This has not been an easy task.

The tale has been told, many times, of how Saul and I worked on a Java windows / OS X remake version (almost completed) with the intention of not actually mass releasing it (no permission you see), how, after a chance meeting on the World of Spectrum forums I managed to speak to the copyright holder (and, of course, original developer) David Jones, who asked us to 'pause the work' while he considered his options, how, after considering them, he requested we not only stopped development, but restarted it completely on the new tangled OUYA (remember them), how, after the OUYA collapsed, we stopped work AGAIN... Only to then start on this (which is actually my 4th attempt) cross platform Unity engine version, so I won't bore you with it again.

Since 2015 I've not only been rewriting Spellbound from the bottom up... again... but learning g C# and Unity. It's been a whirlwind of a couple of years.

Which brings me to the now.

This is a little something I've just posted to the Magic Knight Games Discussion group, the place where we chat about all Magic Knight games old, new and upcoming. I know most of you don't go there, so for those who might be interested.......

Spellbound update....

Updates are few and far between at the moment, but that doesn't mean that development has slowed.
We are at the stage now where the game is completable and all things that need to happen in the game can happen. This is a huge step towards a small test release. At the moment, neither David Jones or Saul Cross have had much (if any) time to test a build from the new development system, that should be changing pretty soon, another step towards that tester....
Things that need to happen before this, however...
Main title screen menu (almost done)
Drop clues around where they should be (crystal ball, banshee, etc).
End of game screen and reset.
Examine yourself / someone else text.
Some kind of energy display when you can see the inventory.
Death means death.
Lots of code clear ups and bug fixes.
Redefinable keyboard (joypad already supported).

It's actually not a lot of work. Honest.

'That would be nice' things.....
This release will ship with a single quick save / load slot, but the full game will have more.
NPC micromanagement and death
Instadeath means instadeath (optional)
The magic map.
Moar soundz
NPCs behaving off screen
Oh so many more bugs squashed.
Cross platform save games?

Obviously, any help in play testing the game would be appreciated when the time comes, so if you are interested, then let me know.

Test versions will be available on Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS, and I'll need testers for them all.

Thanks for all your patience with this (especially David and Saul, who have been working with me long enough now to expect this never to be released ;))

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