My first game! - War Truck Simulator

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My first game! - War Truck Simulator

Post by Adi3100 » Tue Mar 08, 2016 7:30 am

Hello guys :)

Firstly, I'm a new one!

I'm Adam and I create the first little game called War Truck Simulator. I have become programmer 3 months ago. My game passed the greenlight several days ago and now I'm on Steam (So, I don't need votes anymore, that means, it's not against the rules :D). Game is still in progress. I added a new video with gameplay. I have for you a huge favour, if you could write us your suggestions? What do you think, what should we change? Is there something bad, and something cool? We're very grateful! Here you have links to Steam and fanpage on Facebook.

Also I'm looking for testers!

Links: ... =576687541 ... 8/?fref=ts

Thanks for attention :D

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