Remake of a 8-bit Ghostbusters

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Remake of a 8-bit Ghostbusters

Post by John_Goblin » Sat Mar 21, 2015 10:23 am

We are some retro games fans and Ghosbusters fans who have made a little strange remake of Ghostbusters for the NES.

It was an idea we got almost 7-8 years ago when we had seen AVGN video. The idea was to make a game that we ourselves would have loved when we were kids and played a lot of NES.

Ghost Hunters - A Bearded Adventure can downloades for free on Gamejolt: ... ure/48875/

We have received some videos from people around the world who play our games, and these videos have been super feedback! We have learned much from them, and would like to learn more if you want to tell or show your experience with the game.

We have cut all the videos we have received into a video that has become super fun.

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