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Punching Robots Club Forums • Ultimate Bruce lee: tips and tricks
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Ultimate Bruce lee: tips and tricks

Posted: Wed Sep 23, 2020 12:05 pm
by Pingouin
I just played Ultimate Bruce Lee (Smila's remake) again, and being lazy and risk advert, I'll share my low risk strategy:
- I always play in pacifist mode, i.e. I finish the game without punching/kicking once as attack doesn't seem to bring any benefit beyond score and tends to result in more deaths. As a result, I normally finish the game with only around 13,000 points (I just finished Ultimate mode with 12,900 points). Not sure what the lowest score possible is!
- Towards then end, In the room where you climb up a waterfall on the left hand side, and then have at the bottom 3 short waterfalls leading to 3 contiguous rooms: I start going into the rightmost room as it is the closest, when you get out of it, you are at the leftmost waterfall, so I do this one next. From there, you will have to cross into the bottom of the other 2 rooms. So I go to the rightmost room to pick up the only 1UP bonus of the game, then instead of going all the way back to the leftmost room and exiting it fair and square, I stand on top of a geyser in the middle room. You die (doh!) but resurrect in the top area of this room, and once you complete it, you go straight to the next area. In other words, the game considers you completed the leftmost section as soon as you picked up the 1UP bonus. Not sure if this glitch is also in the original game!
- If you are overwhelmed, just go back to the previous room, back in, and you'll get some leeway before enemies appear again. This is also useful in the room with 1 "spark" to jump over in the top left and 2 waterfall running all the way up to the room with 2 lamps to pick up at the top: if you get the key from the bottom left, you have to climb a waterfall to get back up. If you try to get to the middle area right away, the middle waterfalls will reverse (going downwards) before you can get the 2 lamps at the top. So once you've got the key and got back up, exit to the left to the previous room, and get back in, that way you reset the middle waterfalls and have time to grab both lamps before the flow reverses.

*EDIT* played again and got 11550! Not sure if I can skip another lamp or 2, but that's probably close to the lowest score possible.

*EDIT 2* 11100, as far as I know I can't skip any more lamps!

Re: Ultimate Bruce lee: tips and tricks

Posted: Sun Oct 11, 2020 10:50 pm
by Mr_Staypuft
Tips for remakes. Awesome.

This was a brilliant tribute to one of my C64 faves. Loved all the extra modes the boys put in.